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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

greatideaA while back, I attended a conference explaining the neuroscience of meditation. Research is now proving how various forms of meditation affect the brain, and thereby help reduce anxiety and improve mood.

During that 3-day conference we must have meditated at least 25 times! There are so many different meditation techniques, surely there are some that will work for you.

Try this “walking meditation” technique that helps you calm down, and feel clearer and more grounded.

    • Stand with your feet together, gazing a few feet ahead.
    • Very slowly and intentionally, pick up your right foot and move it ahead one step. As you do so, focus all your attention on the sensations in your body… What do you feel in your right foot? What do you feel in your left foot? How is your center of gravity and balance changing? What muscles are being used?
    • Take one step at a time, very slowly, paying mindful attention to each and every move. When your mind wanders, just take another step and refocus your attention on how your body feels with each step. Paying close attention to all the sensations will help calm and clear your mind.

Do this for a few minutes and then notice how you feel compared to when you started.

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