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The January Visualization

The January Visualization

In the midst of the busy holidays, we all sometimes need a momentary break from it all. For a quick shift toward a more peaceful state, close your eyes and try this quick visualization:

relaxsign-dreamstimefree_5737875Imagine the holidays have come and gone. All the decorations are put away until next year. Gifts are put away or returned. It is the quiet time of winter. Quiet January. Imagine yourself sitting down in a comfy chair or sofa and take a deep breath. There’s not nearly so much to do now. Time to relax.

As you lay there, you gaze out the window to see one of those gentle snowfalls bringing light and white to the outdoors. Take another deep breath. It’s ok to hibernate and rest a bit now. You did all you needed to do in December so now it’s time to let that all go and relax into this peaceful January day, grateful for the chance to stay inside and give yourself a well-deserved rest.

All it takes is just a couple minutes and you start to feel yourself letting go of December, relaxing into January, giving yourself a few minutes to restore and feel more centered and more relaxed…. Imagine…

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