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The Anxiety Of Indecision

The Anxiety of Indecision

success_failure-signs-istock_000003986459xsmallHaving trouble making decisions?    Does decision-making cause anxiety?

Actually, indecision itself causes MORE anxiety than making a decision. 

It’s the indecision that causes What Ifs, worry, second-guessing, and bad feelings that come along with feeling stuck. 

Step 1:  Make a Decision

In most cases, it doesn’t really matter so much what you decide.  Remind yourself there is never a “perfect” answer and rarely a “right” answer.  In the big picture, there are many options that would serve you well.  And ALL of them have both pros and cons.  All or any one of them is usually better than no decision.  

As life unfolds, it will present you with many opportunities to decide again or make another choice.  On the other hand, analysis paralysis is pretty much guaranteed to keep you going nowhere.  It limits the capacity for life to unfold and bring you new possibilities and new joys.

Step 2:  Make it Right

As soon as you make a decision, start complimenting yourself on the decision you’ve made.  Be proud of yourself and tell yourself you’ve made the right decision. 

Thinking and feeling it is right is what makes it right. 

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