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Self-Care Is The New Healthcare

Self-Care is the New Healthcare

This is a time of crazy terms we never had to deal with before in our lifetimes:

      • pandemic
      • social distancing
      • quarantine
      • self-isolation
      • lockdown
      • flatten the curve
      • herd immunity
      • PPE, N95, R95…..
      • And who ever heard of Dr. Fauci?

New Buzzword: Self-Care

Being forced to deal with all that means we also need to take extra care of ourselves. We all need extra care as we are working so hard to cope and adapt to the uncertainty and changes all around us due to COVID-19.

Before all this, it used to seem like healthcare was critical but self-care was a luxury…like maybe a massage once a month.

Now self-care is not optional if you want to come through this in a positive, healthy way.  Healthy to me includes: body, mind, emotions, energy, attitude and intentions.

What is Self-Care?

 *the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health and wellness.
 *the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Time to Take Charge

Here’s your chance! With so many things feeling out of your control during lockdown, your own self-care is something you CAN take charge of.
Self-care is being redefined and is so much more than the mere
monthly massage appointment (don’t cancel those appointments – massage is still part of good self-care!!!).
Supporting yourself through a pandemic calls for EXTREME SELF-CARE!
Since I’m a holistic counselor specializing in stress and anxiety, my spin on self-care focuses on your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Physical self-care like nutrition, exercise and sleep is foundational. But when coping with a pandemic and quarantine and social-distancing, your well-being depends greatly on your ability to care for yourself in deeper ways.
This pandemic has upped the ante on stress and anxiety. Now we are called to up the ante on our own self-care. It’s up to you to take ownership of  what self-care looks like for you, and making it a priority rather than an option or a luxury.
You can find lots of self-care ideas, like these….
But your self-care plan is unique to you – made by you, for you.

Our challenge:

  1. Love ourselves enough to know that we all need and deserve extra self-care at this time
  2. Be introspective and creative enough to figure out what we really need at this time (different for everyone, different day to day)
  3.  Live consciously and stay committed to giving ourselves those things


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