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Remember You’re Not Alone

Remember You’re Not Alone

beauty girl cryI see so many people suffer because of anxiety.    More than 65 million adults in America will experience a significant anxiety condition in their life. That’s bad enough, but even more suffering comes because only about 1/3 of those receive treatment, even though anxiety is highly treatable (without drugs!).

When I see clients for anxiety treatment, most have another kind of suffering in common.  They feel some sort of shame, maybe even feel “defective”… not just because they have the anxiety, but also because they have been so unable to get it under control.  They feel like they should have been able to stop it on their own.  But how could you when you’ve never been taught how?

Thinking that way destroys self-esteem and self-confidence.  Remember that inability to manage anxiety on your own is NOT a defect in you!  It’s a problem for 40 million adults, who have never been shown how to get it under control.  Please don’t add to your suffering by being embarrassed, or blaming or shaming yourself (which of course only increases anxiety).  You are not broken and you do not need to be “fixed.”   You just need to learn some new skills.  You are not alone!

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