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Learn this easy, relaxing and natural healing technique

Reiki Treatment Milwaukee, Brookfield; Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist

Everyone can learn and use Reiki. Many people learn Reiki just to use on themselves, for stress relief and natural healing. It is a very relaxing technique that you can use anywhere, anytime to help reduce stress and negativity, while increasing positive energy.

My Reiki classes also include training in the Chakras, how to give yourself Reiki, and how to give a Reiki treatment to others. Plus plenty of time for hands-on practice.

What to expect in my Reiki Level I class

Through a combination of attunement, discussion, and hands-on experiences, you will learn about Reiki, as well as the body’s energy centers (Chakras) and the fundamental principles of energy healing. You’ll also get plenty of hands-on experience, including giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

You will learn about:
Chakras and Reiki Treatment Milwaukee, Brookfield; Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist

  • Chakras (the body’s energy centers)
  • Fundamentals of energy healing
  • The history of Reiki
  • Using Reiki to promote balance and healing of body, mind and emotions
  • The spiritual aspects of Reiki
  • Giving yourself Reiki for wellness,
    stress reduction and self-healing
  • Giving Reiki to others

The Attunement Ceremony

You will participate in an “attunement” ceremony to allow the Reiki energy to flow through you. Attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to give Reiki treatments. I consider the attunement ceremony to be a sacred, quiet time. Most people find it very relaxing. During the attunement, I will touch your head, shoulders, and hands and use a special breathing technique. This attunement adjusts your energy pathways and connects you to the source of Reiki.

Reiki Treatment Milwaukee, Brookfield; Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist

Hands-on Experience

After attunement and training in the hand positions and techniques for treating yourself and others, you will enjoy hands-on practice.
Experience both giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

My Invitation:

Come and join me for the next Reiki I class as we focus on increasing positive energy with this wonderful, natural healing technique. Let’s enjoy a relaxing and healing day of Reiki together.

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