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Quick COVID Anxiety Tips #51 – #60

Quick COVID Anxiety Tips #51 – #60

This series of COVID Anxiety Tips was published on My Facebook Page over the course of this pandemic. They work equally well in a pandemic or for any anxiety-provoking situation in your life.

In case you missed them…


COVID Anxiety Tip #51: Tip Toe Out into the World

Are you managing anxiety by literally never leaving your home?  Only feel safe in your own home?  The more our world moves toward reopening, the more this will become a problem. Follow current guidelines and precautions — and tip toe outside of your home now.

Practice leaving the “safe zone” little by little (Repeat: follow current guidelines and precautions) to avoid a big spike in anxiety when we get to the point when you have to go places again. Tip toe at your own pace.


COVID Anxiety Tip #52: Self-Compassion as this journey continues

This pandemic is getting old. You may be feeling tired, anxious, angry, worried about the virus, and either scared or relieved about re-opening Wisconsin. Whatever you’re feeling, self-compassion is the answer for calming and centering yourself.  Click HERE to learn how to have self-compassion.


COVID Anxiety Tip #53: Mindfulness – Be Here Now

“Anticipatory anxiety” is a clinical term and it is growing now as we all start wondering how things might keep changing in our world. Keeping anticipatory anxiety in check requires building the ability to keep your mind in the present moment…  HERE’S HOW.


COVID Anxiety Tip #54: Forest Bathing and Tree Hugging

Studies show that 15+ minutes in the forest significantly decreases feelings like tension, anxiety, depression, dejection, anger, hostility, fatigue and confusion. We all have some of that! Now that parks are open again, let the trees calm and ground you.  READ MORE


COVID Anxiety Tip #55: “These are a few of my favorite things”

Try something new that can help for both anxiety and better sleep…


COVID Anxiety Tip #56: Basic Nutritional Supplements for Anxiety

Many herbs and supplements can help with anxiety relief. Here’s 4 basics to consider.


COVID Anxiety Tip #57: “May My Life Be Full of Ease and Peace”

This mantra came to me during my meditation today. Try it on for yourself today. Or ask yourself what loving-kindness mantra you need most for yourself right now to ease the difficulties of your day.


COVID Anxiety Tip #58:  5 Minute Self-Care and De-Stress Ideas

What’s the difference between Self-Care and Anxiety-Reduction?  [HINT: This is a trick question].  Got 5 minutes for you?


COVID Anxiety Tip #59: Read this Poem

“Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye. It brought me peace and hope for what can arise from our pandemic.


COVID Anxiety Tip #60: Worldwide Meditation Time

The ONE free meditation series I have stuck with throughout this time. Join others worldwide in a live guided meditation via Zoom.  Offered 4 times daily through the end of June and perhaps beyond.


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