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Move Anxiety Out Of Your Head

Move Anxiety Out of Your Head

writing-stencilWriting down all of your worries in a journal can help you let go of much of the anxiety that invades your mind.  Putting it all down on paper can give you a better perspective.

When you allow your worries or problems to percolate in your mind, they can multiply and become much larger and more confusing or daunting in your head than they truly are.  When you get them in writing, you can begin to use your logical, analytical mind to do some productive problem solving.  Having the same worries rolling ’round and ’round in your mind is unproductive.

It’s easier to exaggerate problems when anxious thoughts stay in your head instead of moving out onto a piece of paper…especially with those “What If” thoughts.  [Is “What If” ever followed by something POSITIVE???]  It’s easier to exaggerate the likelihood or the probability of those What Ifs coming true when they are swirling around in your mind.

Write worries down, close the notebook, and walk away (literally and figuratively).  Right before bed is a great time to do this to clear your mind for a good night’s sleep.

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