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Simple Sleep Meditation

Simple Sleep Meditation

woman-sleeping-in-bedLie on your back, close your eyes, and take three deep, slow belly breaths through your nose.

Turn your attention to wherever any stress, anxiety or tension resides in your body. Is it your head? Throat or neck? The pit of your stomach? Your heart?

Observe the sensation. Does it feel dull, sharp, prickly, heavy, pounding, hot? Describe it to yourself objectively, without trying to make it stop or go away.

Now imagine drawing a circle around that spot with a marker.

Breathe deeply in and out for a few moments, watching the circle expand and contract. Notice whether the intensity or the shape changes over time. As you relax, begin to envision the circle slowly melting away.

As the circle dissolves, let your body grow heavy; imagine that your bones are made of lead, sinking deeper and deeper into the bed. Feel a wave of relaxation flow over you, washing away your remaining anxiety, like sand being drawn out to sea.

Give yourself permission to drift blissfully into sleep.


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