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Finger Holds To Calm Yourself

Finger Holds to Calm Yourself

greatideaHere is an easy technique for releasing stress, harmonizing the energy flow throughout your body, and managing strong emotions:

Finger Holds

There are channels (or meridians) of energy flowing through your fingers. Holding each finger while breathing deeply can calm the mind, body and emotions. Finger Holds can be done anywhere, anytime so this is a great tool to have in your stress management tool box. Simply wrap your hand (you can use left or right) around one finger at a time on the opposite hand. Hold each finger for 2-5 minutes, breathing in deeply as you set your intention on harmony, peace and relaxation. Breathe out slowly, letting go of stress and imbalance.

In the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, there are 5 major “attitudes” that correspond with the fingers and thumb. Try these holds to target particular feelings or sources of stress:

  • Hold the thumb for Worry
  • Hold the index finger for Anxiety or Fear
  • Hold the middle finger for Anger
  • Hold the ring finger for Grief
  • Hold the little finger for Low Self-Esteem or Trying Too Hard
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