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Interrupt Emotional Eating

Interrupt Emotional Eating

Looking in the RefrigeratorYou can’t get over emotional eating unless you can learn to interrupt/break the automatic habit.  In the moment you are reaching for food or standing aimlessly in front on the refrigerator, try this:

  1. Change your environment: move out of the kitchen, move to another room or area of the house or office, or go outside and breathe some fresh air.
  1. Change your physiology: belly breathe for 2 minutes, drink a full glass of water, do jumping jacks, or wash your face.
  1. Change your mind: here’s where the real work is and where the real change can happen. Start by writing down all the thoughts in your mind at that moment. With persistence, and perhaps assistance, you’ll discover which thoughts and emotions are triggers. You will need to do this in order to make lasting changes in your eating habits.  
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