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Instant Life Story

Instant Life Story

One of my clients shared this strategy to reduce anxiety in unfamiliar situations…

When you are in an anxiety provoking situation, take a look at the individuals around you and play the game of Instant Life Story. Pick one person at a time and make up a life story for that person.

For example… on an airplane with many strangers… you see a mean looking man with a scowl on his face boarding. To shift from a fearful/anxious reaction to him, make up his instant life story…

Perhaps he’s scowling because he’s just been dumped by his girlfriend and now he has to take this vacation alone.

Perhaps he’s angry because he’s been bumped 4 times from other flights and exhausted because he hasn’t slept in 36 hours.

Perhaps he’s in a witness protection program and was told not to look anyone in the eye.

Perhaps he just lost a loved one.

See how making up a possible alternate life story can change your reaction to him and the situation? Give it a try!

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