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How To Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

Every February as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I write about the importance of loving yourself.

I have identified 10 great ways to be your own Valentine, 10 more great ways to love yourself, and even more great ways to love yourself

I have explained how loving yourself reduces stress and anxiety. And I have explored how to love yourself more by putting an end to being so hard on yourself and learning self-compassion

I have talked about how you can affirm yourself through your thoughts about your value, self-worth and self-esteem.

Yeah, but…. how??? 

And yet the most common question that I get is…

“Loving yourself? I get the concept but how do I DO that?”

Of course, truly loving yourself is deep introspective process. But you can always start by doing things that send an “I love you” message to yourself.

So, here is my favorite concrete way of loving yourself this February (and always of course): Give yourself a bag full of what I call…

“Loving Myself Gifts”

Step 1: The gifts

These are small items that are just fun things that you would enjoy. A few of the gifts I’ve given myself in the past include: colorful Post It’s, Sharpies, a sparkly key chain, an inspirational magnet, a small crystal, a stress ball, hand lotion…

Step 2: The wrap

These fun little gifts are then wrapped up individually. The wrapping makes them more special! This sends yourself the message that you are special and you are worth the time and energy of a pretty wrapping. Plus, it is always fun to open a present!

Step 3: The giving

Give yourself a gift any time you could use a little love.

Maybe it’s when you want to celebrate a great success and there is no one there to celebrate with you. Maybe it’s when you need to say to yourself: “Hey, you rock!” Maybe it’s when you set a goal for yourself and achieve it.

On the other hand, sometimes you need love even when you don’t feel like you deserve to be celebrated.

Maybe it’s when you messed up. Maybe it’s when you’re having a bad day. Maybe it’s when you feel everyone is against you. Maybe it’s when you are feeling anxiety.

Any time is the perfect time for some extra self-love!

Every time you open a gift tell yourself something kind and loving. Tell yourself you are amazing and deserving of each and every one of those gifts!

A Fun Twist

Sometimes buying and wrapping your own gifts takes out some of the anticipation because you know what is inside. Ask a friend to either buy and/or wrap the gifts for you! Make a trade and do the same thing for your friend! Exchange bags of Loving Myself Gifts!

Make it fun and enjoy how great it feels to love and appreciate yourself! You do rock!

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