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Healthy Thoughts For Healthy Sleep

Healthy Thoughts for Healthy Sleep

Present Tense Affirmations for Healthy Sleep

I sleep deeply   

I fall asleep quickly and easily

I am a good sleeper

I am in control of my sleeping patterns

I am refreshed and energized every day

I take time to relax before going to bed

I enjoy keeping a consistent sleep schedule

I love taking time to wind down at the end of the day

I keep a regular sleeping routine and I enjoy my routine

I am developing healthy sleeping habits

Future Tense Affirmations for Healthy Sleep

I will sleep deeply         

Sleeping restfully is becoming easier

Sleeping right will improve my health and energy

I am finding it easier to relax before bed

I always rest quietly and calmly before trying to fall asleep

I am transforming into a natural sleeper

I will wake up feeling well rested each morning

Each night I find it easier and easier to fall asleep

My thoughts are becoming calm and relaxed

I will develop a healthy sleeping pattern

I will break free from insomnia

I will naturally fall asleep

I will sleep right through the night

I am becoming someone who can let go of stress at the end of the day

I am starting to listen to my body’s sleep signals

I am starting to easily wind down and relax before bed time

My sleeping patterns are becoming healthier all the time

Natural Affirmations for Healthy Sleep

I can sleep whenever I choose   

Sleeping is the most natural thing in the world

Feeling rejuvenated each morning is normal for me

Falling asleep is easy

Sleeping deeply is normal for me

I naturally release my stress and worries at the end of each day

I enjoy relaxing my mind

Taking the time to sleep right will naturally improve my life

I always take the necessary steps to ensure a great sleep

I remain relaxed and at peace, even if I can’t fall asleep right away

I naturally sleep the whole night through and wake up refreshed

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