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Gift Yourself

Gift Yourself

It’s time to start thinking about what kinds of positive feelings you want to have in the New Year. Things like: peace, contentment, freedom, relaxation, happiness, joy, confidence, self-esteem, comfort, more energy, attitude of gratitude, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, etc.

Take a nice sheet of paper and write down “I GIVE YOU:”

Now spend the next few weeks writing down all the positive words that you want for the New Year. When you’re done, sign the bottom of the paper “With Love from Me” and add a smiley face or a heart. Fold the paper a few times.

Now wrap that list in a holiday gift box, with nice wrapping paper and bow. Put it under your tree or just set it out and enjoy the festive wrapping.

Give yourself this precious gift on Christmas or on New Year’s. Opening it will be more fun and powerful than you might think! Enjoy!

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