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NOW FREE! – Less Stress Now “CD”

NOW FREE! – Less Stress Now “CD”

Less Stress Now downloadable CD by Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist

Here’s your FREE gift for stress and anxiety relief 


Here’s My Top 3 holistic tools and techniques that I teach my clients!

I will personally lead you, step-by-step, through these 3 guided meditation tools so you can simply relax into it without having to worry about your technique or whether you’re doing it right.

Experience My Top 3 Favorite Techniques

Back in the day, I produced an actual compact disk (CD!) called Less Stress Now.  It’s funny now… who would want a CD?  Who even has a CD player? 

NOW, I am giving you these FREE MP3 audio files to share with you some of the most effective Mind-Body techniques that I use as a holistic anxiety therapist. You can use all of these online or download to any device.

You’ll hear my voice instructing and guiding you, over a backdrop of relaxing meditation music.

Mindful Belly Breathing

Breathwork is an amazingly effective way to ease anxiety but only if you breathe in this very specific way. 

There are many different types of breathing techniques that are good for many different things.  Many of my clients have tried different breathing techniques that have not worked for them. Most find this Mindful Belly Breathing technique effective – even when other breathing techniques didn’t work to reduce anxiety.

This technique is proven to be most effective for anxiety and panic attacks. Mindful Belly Breathing involves a combination of diagphramatic breathing along with respiratory control to counteract your body’s physiological stress and anxiety response.

Mindful Belly Breathing actually calms your parasympathetic nervous system. It works to relax both your mind and your body.

  1. Listen to the instruction track.  To get the full benefit of this technique (which is amazingly powerful) you must learn and follow the technique as described.
  2. Listen the 15-minute guided Mindful Belly Breathing meditation.  No multi-tasking!  Just lay down (or sit) and follow the technique.  It really helps! 

The goal is to do this as a daily practice.  The more you do it, the more benefit you get!  Make time for twice a day and you will really see the cumulative benefits.

Instructions for Mindful Belly Breathing (must listen!)

15 min. Guided Mindful Belly Breathing Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

This Progressive Muscle Relaxation guided meditation teaches you how to release tension in your body so you can finally relax.  You can reduce stress and anxiety right in the moment, plus regular practice helps you keep day-to-day anxiety levels lower.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is an integrative Body-Mind technique that involves a 2-step process:

1. First you isolate and purposely tense up a particular group of muscles – and hold briefly.

2. Next you quickly release the tension all at once and put all of your attention on how your muscles feel when they are relaxed.

Regular practice of PMR (it only takes 10-20 minutes) helps decrease not only muscle tension, but also supports decreases in heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and metabolic rate. These shifts greatly improve your overall feeling of well-being and reduce stress and anxiety and panic attack symptoms.

Most of my clients feel an immediate sense of relaxation the first time they do PMR. However, increased benefit comes from regular, daily practice of PMR. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation   

Written instructions for reference HERE.

Calm Mind Meditation

This Guided Meditation is particularly good if you worry too much or have trouble turning your mind off.  When you feel anxiety, it’s not easy to calm your mind.  Thoughts or fears that keep running round and round in your head.

Follow along with this guided meditation to give your mind a break from anxious thoughts. 

Through practice and repetition of this Guided Calm Mind Meditation, you can learn how to set aside anxiety thoughts and focus your mind on something calming.  If you catch your mind wandering during the guided meditation (yes, this WILL happen!), then just bring your mind back gently and focus on my voice again.

Guided Calm Mind Meditation

Why are these my Favorite Techniques?

Because they really work! As a therapist specializing in anxiety, I focus on helping your build your own toolbox of holistic tools and techniques that really work for YOU.

I’ve seen my clients use these techniques time and time again to take control of stress and anxiety. I’m confident they will help YOU too!

Less Stress Now downloadable CD by Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist
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