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Eight Questions That Can Help You Survive Election Anxiety

Eight Questions That Can Help You Survive Election Anxiety

Got Election Anxiety?

A recent APA survey found that this election is a significant source of stress for more than two-thirds of American adults! You knew you weren’t alone, right?!?

My friends at Greater Good Magazine came up with THIS GREAT ARTICLE: Eight Questions That Can Help You Survive Election Stress. 

Spoiler alert: Here are the 8 great questions – I found them interesting and helpful!

Please read their WHOLE ARTICLE for great information to help you answer each question.

1. What’s happening in my body and mind today?

2. If I’m feeling distress, what can I do to soothe myself?

3. Am I getting enough good news?

4. When do I feel good about the election?

5. What am I grateful for today?

6. How can I connect with other people?

7. In light of this election, what are some new ways I can use my special skills or talents to make a difference in the broader world?

8. What future would I like to see—and what steps am I taking today to make that future happen?

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