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Quick COVID Anxiety Tips #41 – #50

Quick COVID Anxiety Tips #41 – #50

This series of COVID Anxiety Tips was published on My Facebook Page over the course of this pandemic.  In case you missed them…

COVID Anxiety Tip #41: Send a Kind Note

There’s never been a better time for this kindness – helps reduce stress and anxiety for both the giver and receiver. Drop it off or drop it in the mail. This weekend was my birthday and I was so excited when I found this on my front door! I was the recipient of a handmade birthday note along with a daffodil! Kindness feels so great for everyone involved!


COVID Anxiety Tip #42: Ask “What else might be true here?”

Neuroscience research shows we instinctively default to “confirmation bias.” This means that in the face of the unknown, we seek out evidence that supports our worst fears and disregard the rest. Obviously, anxiety follows.  What to do instead?  Can you learn to ask a simple question: “What else might be true here?” Rather than catastrophizing about possible COVID-19 impacts, you can start to see a wider range of possibilities – this bigger perspective reduces anxiety and worry.


COVID Anxiety Tip #43: Put an End to Groundhog Day

Do you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Monotony, isolation, and limited options puts us on edge, maybe even make us feel like we’ll go crazy cooped up. As much as routine and structure help us through COVID times, we also need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Anything! Plan it and make it happen.


COVID Anxiety Tip #44: Make a Sanctuary at Home

We’ve still got weeks to go at home. Tired of the same 4 walls? Create some peace for yourself by transforming a little corner of your home into a new space that acts as your personal sanctuary. Make it look different by bringing in things like a lamp, a plant, a candle, or other peaceful objects. Go here for a change of scenery, to reconnect to yourself, or to do your self-care practices.  Ahhh…


COVID Anxiety Tip #45: Self Care is the New Healthcare

Being forced to deal with all the crazy that started in March means we need to take extra care of ourselves. And if we don’t, stress and anxiety and worry are certain to rear their ugly heads.

Here’s what I believe we are being called to:
 Self Care is the New Healthcare


COVID Anxiety Tip #46: Not too late to Learn Something New

Reducing boredom and increasing a sense of productivity also reduces stress and anxiety. There’s still time to learn something new before 5/26. Google anything new and you can find a way to learn it. I’m learning how to make healthy gummy bears! Or join over 2 million people and learn with Yale University’s and google “Yale Happiness Course” (also called The Science of Well-Being). What would be fun for you to learn?


COVID Anxiety Tip #47: “You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned”

Luke Skywalker unlearned old limitations in his mind, allowing him to raise his spacecraft from the swamp with his mind. Prior to COVID, we were collectively living such a crazy busy, anxiety-filled life! If you want to get rid of anxiety, what must you UNLEARN?  


COVID Anxiety Tip #48: Distract Anxiety with Intention

One gift of this time at home is to pause long enough to truly decide with consciousness and intention: how we want to live, how we choose to be, and how to implement what we choose. What is good about being home, slowing down, NOT being crazy busy? We don’t have to go back to the old normal. Direct your thinking this way and worry and anxiety will take a back seat.


COVID Anxiety Tip #49: Mindset Shift

Anxiety Mindset: Things are only getting worse, when will this be over, I can’t take this much longer, what if this, what if that….

New Mindset: Whatever happens, I have the inner resources to make it through.


COVID Anxiety Tip #50: Got 1 minute?


CLICK HERE  for 10 ideas to reduce stress and anxiety one minute at a time.


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