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“Clap Along”

“Clap Along”

woman-jumping-in-field-istock_000000627048xsmallThe #1 goal most of my clients have when they come to see me for counseling:  Get rid of Anxiety and Be Happy.

Check out this music video of the song “Happy” by Pharrell Willams from the movie Despicable Me 2. 

(YouTube video click here)

There are over 325,000,000 views of this video!

Happy was also the #1 music download on Amazon

(Click here to purchase – $1.29).   I listen to it over and over when I need a mood booster.

Music therapy has been shown to be very helpful in shifting and improving your mood, and reducing anxiety.  I find this simple and playful song is an inexpensive method of music therapy that has worked for both me and my clients.

Let yourself really sit and focus on listening to the words and music.  Singing along outloud helps too.  If you are really focusing, I bet you can’t listen to this song without a subconscious tapping along with the music…and perhaps feeling a little less anxiety and a little more happy.

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