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NOW FREE! – Calm Mind Meditation For Anxiety Relief

NOW FREE! – Calm Mind Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Please accept this FREE gift for stress and anxiety relief during this coronavirus pandemic we are all facing.

This Guided Meditation is particularly good if you worry too much or have trouble turning your mind off.  When you feel anxiety, it’s not easy to calm your mind.  Thoughts or fears that keep running round and round in your head.

Follow along with this guided meditation to give your mind a break from anxious thoughts.  Stress, worry and anxiety all start in the mind.

Through practice and repetition of this Guided Calm Mind Meditation, you can learn how to set aside anxiety thoughts and focus your mind on something calming.  If you catch your mind wandering during the guided meditation (yes, this WILL happen!), then just bring your mind back gently and focus on my voice again.

Download my Guided Calm Mind Meditation HERE.  You can use it online or download to any device.


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