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Autogenic Mind-Body Meditation

Autogenic Mind-Body Meditation

Young smiling woman enjoying a relaxing moment. Concepts: dreams, tranquility, relaxation, serenity, calm.  Vertical, studio photography.Nevermind the crazy name, this is a 2-minute mind-body meditation technique that works better and better each time you practice it…. 

Sit in a comfortable position and begin to focus on your breathing.  Breathe slowly in and breathe slowly out.  As you focus on relaxing one muscle group at a time from head to toe, you will repeat to yourself silently:

  • Ten, I am getting more and more relaxed.
  • Nine, my forehead is relaxed.
  • Eight, my shoulders are relaxed.
  • Seven, my arms and hands are relaxed.
  • Six, my chest is relaxed.
  • Five, my stomach is relaxed.
  • Four, my hips are relaxed.
  • Three, my thighs are relaxed.
  • Two, my feet are relaxed.
  • One, I am deeply, deeply relaxed.

Then just continue breathing and noticing the relaxation in your body for another minute (or even longer!)

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