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      • Is anxiety or panic starting to take over, and limiting your life?
      • Can’t seem to stop worrying?
      • Are you always tired yet unable to get a good night’s sleep?
      • Are the pressures in your life becoming too much to handle?

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Counselor

You CAN break free from the grip of anxiety disorders, panic, and worry (without drugs!) using proven, holistic tools & techniques.

I’m passionate about my holistic approach to anxiety treatment because I think anxiety medication can be over-prescribed for many people who could resolve the root cause of their panic and anxiety in other natural, healthier ways.  I help people break free from anxiety and panic attacks without medication every single day.

If you answer YES to these 3 questions, then holistic anxiety treatment might be the answer for you:

1.   Are you ready to stop the cycle of anxiety, panic and worry?
2.   Do you want to learn tools & techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to keep anxiety and panic under control?
3.   Would you like to avoid taking anxiety medication for the rest of your life?

Holistic Treatment for Anxiety and Panic means:

  • Non-medication solutions   If you would like to avoid or reduce dependence on medication for anxiety disorders, I offer effective alternatives. We can also work together with your doctor to see if medication can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Skills not pills   Learn tools and techniques that are yours for a lifetime to empower you to effectively manage your anxiety.
  • Getting to the root cause of the problem   Lets deal with the underlying cause of the anxiety instead of just focusing on the symptoms. That’s how we get long term results and how we can prevent anxiety and panic from creeping up again in the first place.

Here’s how Holistic Anxiety Therapy can help:

Di Philippi, MA, LPC, Holistic Anxiety Counselor
925 Elm Grove Road, Suite 206
Elm Grove (Milwaukee area)

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