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5 Minute (or Less!) Self-Care And De-stress Ideas For A Pandemic

5 Minute (or less!) Self-Care and De-stress Ideas for a Pandemic

Self-care is no longer optional in these COVID-19 times. We all need to practice more self-care to minimize the stress, worry and anxiety that is part of a pandemic.

Make 5 minutes for yourself at least once a day. We all need it and you deserve it! For most of these, I suggest setting a timer for 5 minutes so you aren’t distracted or tempted to cut it short:

Here are 10 ideas for self-care that take 5 minutes or less:

  1. Let a hot shower wash over your shoulders for 5 minutes

  2. Close your eyes and picture your favorite place in great detail

  3. Have a mindful cup of tea like Thich Nhat Hanh (famous Zen Buddhist Master):  “When you hold your cup, you may like to breathe in, to bring your mind back to your body, and you become fully present…You are not lost in the past, in the future, in your projects, in your worries…you enjoy your tea.”

  4. Journal your response to this question: How am I really doing in the midst of this pandemic?

  5. Coloring – it’s not just for kids now

  6. Give yourself a hand massage with a little lotion. There are many acupressure stress relief points on your hands.

  7. Close your eyes and listen to relaxing music. This song uses sound therapy and is touted as the most relaxing song of all time.

  8. Write in a Gratitude Journal or add to your Gratitude Jar. [You could even make a jar in five minutes!]

  9. Create an upbeat song playlist. Play one and sing along. Bonus = dance along!

  10. Practice focusing on the positive by creating and repeating a mantra. For example:
      • “I am safe and well”
      • “I’m doing my best and that’s good enough”
      • “I’ve made it through hard times before and I’ll make it through this”


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