Vision Boards and The New Year of Your Dreams

Want to attract new and wonderful things into your life? Maybe that vacation you’ve always dreamed of? More love? A sense of peace and fulfillment? A new job? A new car?

The best-selling DVD documentary The Secret (2006), explains how energy flows where attention goes and what we put our attention on expands. When we put our attention on our dreams and goals, we put the Law of Attractioninto motion to bring those things to us.

The Law of Attraction, which is believed to be based on quantum physics, says that you attract to you those things that you focus your thoughts and feelings on. These days neuroscience is so advanced that thoughts can actually be measured and are said to have a particular frequency that distinguishes one thought from another. Thus, when you think a particular thought you are emitting a particular frequency.

You are a magnetNow, imagine yourself as a powerful magnet.

You draw to you things that are emitting the same frequency that you are. Like attracts Like.

Vision Boards have been used for generations as a powerful visualization tool. A Vision Board is a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to be, do, or have in your life.

Vision Board Sample

Neuroscience research shows that the mind has the same reaction when VISUALIZING an experience as it does when you actually HAVE the experience. The mind accepts what you picture as your reality, so Vision Boards help your subconscious mind to “get on board” with believing in the dreams you choose to manifest as your new reality.

When you think your dream, feel it, and believe it, you emit the frequency of your dream and you start attracting it.

Creating a Vision Board is fun, energizing and motivating! Once created, look at it regularly and get excited! Project yourself into the pictures and imagine what it feels like to be, do, or have those wonderful things. Have an Attitude of Gratitude for all those joyful and abundant things that are coming to you right now. Then watch for the “coincidences” and “odd connections” that start bringing your dreams to you, in creative ways you might never have imagined.