Speaking Services

Looking for a speaker?  I love speaking to groups and I’ve been teaching and making presentations for over 20 years.  I’d love to speak to your group or organization about my many stress, anxiety or wellness topics.

Presentation Topics

These topics can be customized to meet your specific needs, from a one-hour keynote presentation or class… to full or half-day workshops…or a series of training sessions.

  • Break Free from Anxiety… Naturally!
  • Holistic Solutions for Stress and Anxiety
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”)
  • Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Less Stress Right Now
  • Common Mistakes that Actually Increase Anxiety
  • How to Assess Your Stress
  • Tired of Being Tired?
  • Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life
  • Mid-Life Anxiety
  • What To Do When Overwhelm is Overwhelming
  • Mind-Body Techniques that Really Work for Panic Attacks
  • Top 10 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Burnout
  • Using the Power of Your Mind to Heal
  • Manifesting Your Health and Well-Being Right Now
  • End Emotional Eating
 Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Speaker, Milwaukee, Brookfield

Testimonials and Feedback from Presentations

Here’s what people are saying…

Organizations & Event Planners:

“Di was the keynote speaking at our annual training conference.  She was a phenomenal speaker. She was informative, but kept the session fun. She presented real tips that our participants could take back to their jobs and use. All the evaluations we received were very positive. We will definitely be having her do this conference again.” 

~ Erica Andres, Director
R&K Support Services, Inc.

“Two things really stick out when I think of Di’s presentations during our annual skills fair.  First, she provided practical tips and easy to follow, hands-on directions.  This kept us all engaged as we heard her speak on a variety of topics.  Second is her customer service.  She was responsive, flexible and was very willing to customize information based on our needs.  Working with Di has proven to be the right choice for us!” 

~ Genevieve M. Daniels, Org Development Manager
St. Camillus

“Our surveys coming back were all 4’s & 5’s on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best! It was the best feedback we have received for our annual conference!   We so enjoyed having you and thank you!” 

~ Terri Bartlett, Activity Director
Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals

“Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful presentation.  Several people said it was the best talk they have ever heard and I agree.  You give practical advice regarding dealing with stress and anxiety without the use of drugs.  The talk was comprehensive and accessible.”

“Over the years I have developed a bit of a prejudice regarding wellness/alternative medicine/holistic health speakers.  For me, they tend to come across as a bit ‘out there!’  You are very real.  You have a delightful personality and a ready and sincere laugh.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was so impressed!   I am going to recommend you to the wide array of support groups taking place here.  Your entire talk was so understandable and practical yet very fresh, new and stimulating in a very good way!” 

~ Vicki Conte, Community Outreach Coordinator
Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Audience Members:

“You are the best speaker on the planet!!” ~ LK

“ Your presentation touched my life.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom   ~ Sue Callison

“I thoroughly enjoyed this session!  I’m very interested in holistic treatments and practices that will enhance my life and longevity and general well-being.  Di was so knowledgeable and easy to follow.  It’s great to listen to speakers who are so passionate about their craft.  Keep doing what you’re doing!”  ~ Angela Barsch

“Di is energetic, honest, receptive and encourages all questions and ideas.  Excellent at taking a complex concept and making it totally understandable.”  ~ Kris Hagen

“She was very good with the audience… Knows her stuff!…Di was very funny and informative, as well as being very “real” and easy to relate to…. Excellent! The money was worth it!”  ~ Attendees from Milwaukee Training Initiative

“I love the way you talk “technical” yet you also communicate in “layman” terms.  Conversation is always done in a very caring way and you look at any tough situation in a win-win outcome, very practical way.”  ~  Jody Witty

“I have attended several of Di’s seminars and I am amazed at how much I learn in such a short amount of time.  Her clear and concise way of delivering the information is obviously a direct result of her vast knowledge of the topics she is discussing.  As someone who has attended countless seminars through the years (many being tough to stay awake through) Di’s warm smile, friendly personality, and enthusiasm for life keeps me intrigued, attentive, and wanting much more.”  ~ Stephanie Gramza M.S., Ed. Psych.

Venues for Past Presentations

  • University of Wisconsin – Waukesha
  • Milwaukee Training Initiative
  • Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Good Harvest Market
  • Integrative Family Wellness Center
  • Small Stones
  • Wisconsin Parkinson’s Association
  • St. Camillus
  • Menomonee Falls Park & Recreation Department
  • Chr. Hansen, Inc.
  • Franklin Public Library
  • Hays Companies of Wisconsin
  • Joy Global, Inc.
  • DARE to Be Aware Fair
  • Center for Creative Learning
  • First United Methodist Church Waukesha
  • Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals (WRAP) Annual Conference
  • Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference
  • College Possible
 Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Speaker, Milwaukee, Brookfield

Honored to be named one of the Top Holistic Healers
by Milwaukee Magazine
    Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, named a Top Holistic Healer by Milwaukee Magazine

Di Philippi, MA, LPC, Holistic Counselor


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