Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Milwaukee, BrookfieldI’ve tried lots of other things for my anxiety, so how do I know if this will work?

Many of my clients have been struggling with anxiety or panic for a long time.  They feel like they’ve tried everything (like self-help books, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, prescription and over the counter medications, even seeing other therapists) and they are still struggling.

What I can tell you is that I see people get results every day with holistic anxiety therapy.  You must be open to change, and be willing to learn and practice new tools and techniques, as well as new ways of thinking.  
(Of course, no health care practitioner can guarantee specific results.)

Together we’ll set goals and I’ll do everything I can to help you achieve those goals.  (Read more about How I Work.)  You are not in this alone.

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Milwaukee, BrookfieldMy doctor said anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance and recommended medication.  What are your thoughts?

There are several different theories about the causes of anxiety.
(Read more about the different anxiety theories.)

I am not a physician and I don’t dispense medical advice. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in non-medication anxiety treatment.

What I know is that there are many natural, healthy ways to affect your chemical balance. There are also many holistic, healthy ways to calm your body, calm your mind, get better sleep, stop worrying, stop the spiral of anxiety thinking, and stop panic. The key is finding the right combination of tools & techniques that work for you. 

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Milwaukee, BrookfieldDo you work with people who are taking anxiety medication?

Yes, I work with many people who are currently taking anxiety medication but would like to reduce or eliminate it.  I see medication as one possible tool for managing anxiety and panic.

I generally think it makes more sense to resolve the root cause of the anxiety instead of just focusing on the symptoms.  So for those who wish to avoid drugs, there are many other holistic tools and options that work to get at the root cause of the problem to prevent anxiety in the future.  (Read more about How I Work.)

If you are taking prescription medication, it is important that you continue to take it as prescribed.  At the same time, we can work on some new skills for getting anxiety under control (skills not pills!).  If you’d like, I can work with you and with your doctor to see if medication can be reduced or eliminated.

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Milwaukee, BrookfieldI’ve had anxiety for a long time.  Is it too late?

It’s never too late!  You can get anxiety relief regardless of your age or how long the issues have been there.  When anxiety has been there a long time, it just makes sense that it can take some time to resolve it.  But it is definitely possible – I see it everyday.  I’ve worked with people as old as 94 years old.  I’ve also worked with many people who’ve had anxiety for as long as they can remember. 

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist, Milwaukee, BrookfieldWhat does “HOLISTIC” anxiety treatment mean?

My holistic approach to anxiety treatment focuses on non-medication solutions designed to get at the root cause of what’s creating the anxiety in the first place.  Click here to find out more about holistic anxiety treatment.

FAQ - Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Counselor, Milwaukee, BrookfieldDo you take my insurance?

Anxiety counseling services might be covered in part by your health insurance if you have out-of-network coverage.  Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

♦   Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
♦   What is my coverage for out-of-network providers?
♦   What is my deductible?

How do I schedule an appointment?

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