Check Out Inositol for Holistic Anxiety Help

Inositol is in the family of B-complex vitamins (which are generally known for their calming effect). I’ve seen clients get anxiety relief and help with OCD by using Inositol.

As with all vitamins and supplements, always follow your doctor’s advice, and be sure to get a reputable, quality brand. Call me and I can recommend a great Nurse Practitioner to help you create a customized vitamin/supplement plan just for you.

Be Here Now – Mindfulness for Holistic Anxiety Treatment

This basic mindfulness technique can help when you are overwhelmed with the anxiety of having too many things to do.

As you walk through your day, give your brain a break from the anxiety by putting all your energy into the one thing you are doing now. Tell yourself “Be Here Now.”

Stop thinking about what’s next or what’s later or what’s on the To Do List. Start focusing more on the one thing you are doing right now. Keep your mind and your body in the present moment together. Be Here Now.

Anxiety, Sleep and Changing the Thermostat

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical when working to reduce anxiety. As the temperatures outside change with the season, check your thermostat for sleeping time. 62 to 68 degrees is ideal for a good night’s rest.

Close Your Eyes

I challenge you to close your eyes for 1 minute. Set a timer and close your eyes.

Within a minute you are likely to take a deeper breath. Within a minute you are likely to loosen tension somewhere in your body. Closing your eyes reduces sensory input (which stimulates the nervous system) so for one minute your nervous system can relax. You can’t multi-task with eyes closed, which can actually feel freeing.

Give yourself permission for a one minute pause.

Tapping to Release Unresolved Emotions

Tapping brow

Tapping chin

Tapping collar


Unresolved emotions can be contributors to both anxiety and chronic pain.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) can help you release unresolved emotions from your energy system.

Learn more about Tapping.

DIY Moisturizers for Inflammation and Anxiety

Lots of research is showing the connection between increased inflammation levels in the body and increased anxiety. This makes reducing inflammation a great wellness strategy.

My colleague Trudy Scott is a nutritionist specializing in anxiety. Check out her blog for some great recipes using essential oils to create your own moisturizers for helping with inflammation and anxiety.

Click HERE to read more about recent research re: skin moisturizer reducing markers of inflammation, and also the role of inflammation on anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Click HERE for some DIY recipes with anxiety-reducing essential oils.

The One Minute Unplug

Almost anything will resume functioning and work better after unplugging for one minute.



Anxiety often causes sleep problems. According to Psychology Today, researchers are finding that having adequate levels of zinc can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep, increase the overall amount of sleep, and increase sleep quality.

Visit a Forest

Numerous studies in Japan have tested participants’ responses to viewing scenery for 15 minutes in either a forest environment or an urban area.

Forest environments were perceived as significantly more comfortable and soothing, and had noticeable positive effects on people’s moods compared with urban environments.

Those viewing the forested areas, reported significant decrease in negative feelings such as “tension, anxiety, depression, dejection, anger, hostility, fatigue and confusion.”

* Read the whole article by my colleague Trudy Scott! 

See a Functional Medicine Practitioner

If a doctor has ever told you that anxiety is “all in your head” or that “there’s nothing wrong with you,” it might be worth investigating a functional medicine approach.

Functional medicine is a different way of looking at wellness and health which focuses on resolving the root cause of imbalances rather than traditional medicine which focuses on disease and symptoms.

For example, a good functional medicine practitioner can help identify when there are physical conditions contributing to anxiety. This could include all sorts of things such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal exhaustion, mitral valve prolapse, high blood pressure, Lyme disease, hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, hormonal imbalances and more!

P.S. I can highly recommend my own functional medicine nurse practitioner, Cherri Schleicher of C&S Holistic Family Health and Wellness.