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 Less Stress Now downloadable CD by Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist
Less Stress Now (MP3 file download only)List Price:  $19.95
Now Only: $14.95


This downloadable CD contains the Top 3 holistic tools and techniques that I teach my clients! 

You will be personally led by me, step-by-step, through these 3 guided relaxation tools so you can simply relax into it without having to worry about your technique or whether you’re doing it right.

Experience My Top 3 Favorite Techniques

In the Less Stress Now CD program, I share with you some of the very same effective Mind-Body techniques that I use as an anxiety therapist. You’ll hear my voice instructing and guiding you, over a backdrop of relaxing meditation music.

    1. Mindful Belly Breathing

      Breathing is an amazingly effective way to ease anxiety but only if you breathe in a very specific way to counteract your body’s stress and anxiety response. The exact technique must be followed in order to get the full benefit. On this CD, I teach you the step-by-step instructions, and then guide you through a 15-minute Mindful Belly Breathing Meditation.

    2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

      You know that stress and anxiety affect your physical body. By reducing the tension you carry in your body, both your mind and your body calm down so you enjoy a great sense of well-being. This meditation teaches you how to release tension in your body so you can finally relax.  You can reduce stress and anxiety right in the moment, plus regular practice helps you keep day-to-day anxiety levels lower.

    3. Calm Mind Meditation

      This Meditation is particularly good if you worry too much, have trouble turning your mind off, feel anxious, or have thoughts or fears that keep running round and round in your head. Stress, worry and anxiety all start in the mind. Learn how to set aside all the thoughts and calm your busy mind.

Why are these my Favorite Techniques?

Because they really work! As a therapist specializing in anxiety, I’ve seen my clients use these techniques time and time again to take control of stress and anxiety.

Now I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you!

Less Stress Now downloadable CD by Di Philippi, Holistic Anxiety Therapist
Less Stress Now (MP3 file download only)List Price: $19.95
Now Only: $14.95